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Why Has My Website Been Hacked?

There are many reasons why your website might have been hacked. I will evaluate your site and identify all the issues needing to be resolved.  Once an exploit has been detected, I will contact you with a plan of action and  have your website up and running within 24 hours. Some of the most common reasons for a hacked website include:

  1. You may have had a number of vulnerabilities within your site leading to easy hacking opportunities (outdated/unused plugins, leaving directories OPEN to view, and even an old hack that you thought was cleaned up, but wasn’t)
  2. Your password was weak or brute force was used to gain entry into your site (are you using 123456??)
  3. You didn’t have a 404 detection plan implemented which allowed hackers to use a vulnerability scanning system
  4. Many other code injections which will be resolved by Internet Design Company

ach individual website requires a different approach depending on the types of problem you are experiencing.

My standard procedure for fixing hacked WordPress sites is:

  1. Regain access into your hacked site to start the investigation
  2. Collect all the information and determine how your site was hacked in the first place
  3. Restore your website back into its original state (did you have a recent backup??) by removing any files that have been compromised and replacing them with new, clean ones
  4. Find all of the vulnerabilities which may have been used to hack into your site
  5. Fix all vulnerabilities

Not only do I fix the problems but we will use a number of techniques to ensure your website is fully protected from future hacks*:

  1. I will enable a 404 error detection which will automatically block hackers from using vulnerability scanners.
  2. I will enable a brute force protection service which will prevent hackers from obtaining the password to get into your WordPress site
  3. I will block potential attackers access into your login area by hiding your WP Admin interface.
  4. I will backup your entire WordPress site so that in the event of you accidentally deleting some of your files you will be able to restore your site quickly and easily.
  5. I am able to suggest and implement extremely secure passwords for your site that will be hard to hack
  6. I will protect your most valuable WordPress files from modification and hacking
  7. I will disable all directory browsing
  8. I can set up an automated filter system that will be able to detect and block all suspicious URL strings
  9. I can capture and reduce the amount of comment spam you are receiving
  10. I will enable a number of detailed logs and statistics for your peace of mind

*some items are only available via hosting on my servers – contact me for more details.

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